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Transport aircraft 1946 ~ 1962. AVIATION WEEK & Space 142a Technology XC-142A Helio U-5 XV-9A F-111A F-111B 6/22 1964. Specifications xc 142a (XC-142A) Edit Data from Jane&39;s All The World&39;s Aircraft 1965–66. XC-142As were tested extensively by the U. Air Force and NASA. Description: Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142A: A tilt-wing prototype used in vertical xc 142a takeoff and landing (VTOL) studies. Douglas XC-112 (C-54) Liftmaster. Dallas-based Ling-Temco-Vought Aerospace Corporation, along with Hiller Aircraft and Ryan Aeronautical, designed, built, and tested the model for the US Department of Defense in 1962-63.

Vought/Hiller/Ryan XC-142A MSN. jpg 612 × 388; 148 KB. - Photo taken xc 142a at Dayton - Wright-Patterson AFB (Wright xc 142a AFB) (DWF) CLOSED in xc 142a xc 142a Ohio, USA on Septem. This paper presents a description of the flight control and stability augmentation systems.

The payload was carried in a cargo compartment that was 30 feet long, 7. 85 meters, and a fuselage diameter of 2. Clutches are difficult to control and prone to fail, but variable pitch props are a well established technology, which has also the advantage of a quicker response. LTV XC-142A Tri-Service The XC-142 aircraft was the third aircraft evaluated in the Tri-Service Assault Transport Program. 11, 1965, the prototype completed its first transitional flight by taking off. xc 142a An XC-142A first flew conventionally in September 1964 and performed its first transitional flight (vertical takeoff, changing to forward flight, and landing vertically) in January 1965. Previous VTOL programs had been built to illustrate a particular principle, but few of these concepts had any operational military capabilities. Save this search.

The payload was carried xc 142a in a. - Explore Hal Cohen&39;s board "XC-142", followed by 950 people on Pinterest. The name Chance-Vought has not been used by Vought AIrcfraft concerns since the mid-1930s, so its use here is definitely anachronistic; a better title would have been Vought/LTV XC-142A.

54 results for xc-142a. 5 ft four-bladed propeller. The Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) XC-142 is a tiltwing experimental aircraft designed xc 142a to investigate the operational suitability 142a of vertical/short takeoff and landing transports. " Langley was extensively involved in wind-tunnel. Title: LTV XC-142A The XC-142A was designed by a team comprising LTV, Hiller and Ryan. 5 feet wide and 7 feet high. jpg 945 × 734; 392 KB Triservice Cargo-Assault Plane. An XC-142A first flew conventionally on 29 September 1964, and on 11 January 1965, it completed its first transitional xc flight by taking off vertically, changing to forward flight and finally landing vertical.

Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142A: A tilt-wing prototype used in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) studies. This study helped create the XC-142A tilt-wing V/STOL program. The LTV XC-142 was a product of such an initiative and these prototype aircraft represented a V/STOL-capable transport for possible military service. Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142A A government advisory group in 1959 recommended that a full-size V/STOL aircraft was required, with specific requirements for the Navy and Army. To maximise value, this title contains the flight manual for the XC-142A xc 142a plus the flight manual for another experimental VTOL aircraft, the. Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1. Problems with its cross linked drive shaft,instability and a fatal crash were amongst reasons why the progr. It was first flown in 1964 and achieved its first transition flight in 1965.

xc 142a The LTV (Ling-Temco-Vought) Tri-Service Test Programme of the Vaught-Hiller-Ryan LTV XC-142a V/STOL, tilt wing aircraft ceased at the end of 1967. 70 meters, an external height of 3. The LTV XC-142 is suitable to group with the following collection series.

It has an external length of 17. probably the roll was controlled by differential pitch on the props rather than a clutch arrangement. XC-142As were tested extensively by the U.

The XC-142A was the largest and fastest VTOL transport airplane flying at that time. Vought/Hiller/Ryan XC-142A Basic Type. It was flown to the Museum in 1970. Adding to your cart. Air Force galleries present military aviation history, boasting more than 360 aerospace vehicles and missiles on display -- many rare and one-of-a-kind -- along with thousands of historical items and powerful sensory exhibits that bring history to life and connect the Wright brothers&39; legacy with today&39;s stealth and precision technology.

See more ideas about Fighter jets, Aircraft, Experimental aircraft. The surviving aircraftwas passed to NASA at Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia for further flight testing in xc 142a 1968. LTV XC-142A hovering in 1966. An XC-142A first flew. XC-142A (s/nis on display in the experimental aircraft hangar at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. It used four cross-linked 3,080 xc 142a shp General Electric T64-GE-1 engines, each driving a 15.

xc 142a The five XC-142As were flown by 39 different military and civilian pilots. xc 142a Five of the aircraft were produced, and the XC-142A first flew xc 142a conventionally on Septem, while on Jan. The XC-142A was an experimental V/STOL cargo aircraft designed and built by xc Vought Aeronautics which first flew conventionally and vertically in 1964, and then first made a full transitional flight from vertical to xc 142a horizontal in January 1965. However, Ling purchased Temco in 1960, xc 142a and Vought in 1961, forming Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) at that time. The XC-142A can carry two crew members and thirty-two fully-equipped troops or twenty-four stretcher patients and four attendants or 3,600 kg of cargo. " Langley was extensively involved in wind-tunnel testing of XC-14A models, and in the actual flight evaluations of the actual airplane. The three services jointly developed a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a V/STOL xc transport airplane that could be evaluated in an operational environment. xc 142a Two pilots and one crewman/load master made up the flight crew.

It achieved more than 142a 400 miles per hour at cruise altitude during flight testing. Download Image of Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142A. After vertical takeoff with the wing pivoted upward, the wing pivoted horizontally and xc 142a the craft xc would fly as a conventional airplane. The first XC-142A was delivered to the Air Force test team in July 1965. Sign in to xc 142a check out Check out as guest. An XC-142A first flew conventionally on 29 September 1964, and on 11 January 1965, xc 142a it completed its first transitional flight by taking off vertically, xc 142a changing to forward flight and finally landing vertically. Product Description The Ling-Temco-Vought xc 142a (LTV) XC-142 xc is a tiltwing experimental aircraft designed to investigate the operational suitability of vertical/short takeoff and landing transports.

Note the incredible XB-70 prototype behind! See more videos for Xc-142a. During the XC-142A program, a total of 420 hours were flown in 488 flights. It employed the tilt-wing configuration and was evaluated by a Tri-Service research program. Vought-Hiller-Ryan XC-142A. Aircraft photo of/Vought/Hiller/Ryan XC-142A - USA - Air Force, taken by David Miller at Paris - Le xc 142a Bourget (LFPB / LBG) in France on during the Paris Air Show 1967.

This was a Tri-Service Tilt wing V/STOL experimental transport,which first flew in Dec. png 1,150 × 706; 869 KB XC-124 on USS Ogden (LPD-5) 1966. Aircraft Manufacturer. Vought Aeronautics, LTV Aerospace. Free for commercial use, no attribution required. This film documents various tests of the LTV XC-142A aircraft. Title: XC-142A V/STOL transport Description: Tri-service V/STOL tactical transport airplane - Hiller & Ryan subcontractors 1964. The National Museum of the U.

142a "Unusual" would probably be the kindest description of the way this machine looks! XC-142A Control System 670571 Five XC-142 aircraft have been manufactured to provide operational xc prototypes of a V/STOL tactical transport for tri-service evaluation.

Xc 142a

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